Do You Need Restraining Order Attorneys for a Restraining Order?

When it comes to getting a restraining order, not all restraining orders require an attorney. As Genus Law Group shares in "Do I Need An Attorney For A Restraining Order?," a civil restraining order doesn't need an attorney to file. Civil restraining orders are restraining orders that are in place against someone outside of the home. If someone is not an intimate partner, family member, or another household member, someone could file a civil restraining order against them without getting a lawyer involved. In family law, a Temporary Domestic Violence Order of Protection is issued through the family law division.

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Usually, attorneys get involved in this process when the individual has already filed the restraining order. Petitioners who file a restraining order against someone allegedly abusing them can ask attorneys for representation in the hearing process. The respondent receiving domestic violence allegations can also ask for representation from an attorney. Both civil and temporary domestic violence orders of protection are civil filings, so they won't lead to jail time. Still, restraining order attorneys can be helpful in the process of getting an order of protection through the domestic violence court.