Here are the Best Candies for Your Teeth According to Pediatric Dentists

According to a video news segment featuring Margie Castillo, a pediatric dentist, there are some candies that are better for trick-or-treaters to enjoy than others. Most pediatric dentists would concur that on Halloween, parents should be aware of which candies can hurt their child's teeth. Dr. Castillo states that fun-size candy bars are much less harmful to teeth than candy bars filled with sticky caramel.

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In fact, sticky candies are the worst for teeth because that sticky sugar residue clings to teeth, where bacteria feed on them, which causes cavities in the tooth. Candy such as candy corn and gummy bears are examples of the kind of candy to limit or avoid. Other pediatric dentists would also agree with her that healthier, non-candy options are available. Fruit, yogurt, cheese, or peanuts are good options. Just alert any other parents when giving out packs of peanuts due to possible nut allergies. Sugar-free candy and gum with xylitol are good because xylitol is good for teeth and helps produce saliva, which in turn helps remove residue from the teeth. She concludes that brushing and flossing remain important at any time.