A Guide to Tree Service in Less Than Two Hours

It sometimes becomes necessary to remove a tree for various reasons. A reliable tree service professional will have the correct tools and knowledge to remove such trees. The attached video demonstrates tree service removal within two hours.

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The tree removal service team will come with the necessary equipment and a truck to carry away the chopped logs. The team will then assess the tree and area. The person who'll cut the tree must wear protective gear. This includes: - Gloves - Hard hat - Sturdy boots - Goggles - Face shield - Climbing equipment – belt, harnesses, slings, and ropes. - Leg protection - Hearing protection The person will then climb up the tree and saw off the side branches of the tree. The arborist must ensure that branches do not fall on any nearby structures. The team on the ground will carry away the branches, saw them off to equal sizes, and place them in the truck. They may also use a woodchipper for smaller branches. Finally, the main trunk is sawn off and placed in the truck. The ground is then cleared up and debris is removed. Ensure to hire professional tree removers with the necessary licensing and insurance.