Fighting Stereotypes With an All Female Plumbing Company

When you need to call a plumbing company, the plumber who answers is almost always male. Only a very tiny percentage of plumbers are women currently. That can make it hard for women to get jobs in the industry and add more gender diversity to it.

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However, women are training to be plumbers, and sometimes they own their own plumbing companies that are popular and effective. At one all-female plumbing company, women are taking on every aspect of plumbing jobs and finding more and more clients who need plumbing help. Hiring a female plumber can be a good way to support the process of women entering this and other trades. Women in the plumbing industry face discrimination and other problems when the people they serve are surprised to see they are female. Women are even becoming master plumbers, and they are teaching other women the trade. This is a steady industry that always has jobs available. There are always clients to serve. Women being able to get into the industry can help their families by bringing in a much-needed income. It can make a big difference in the lives of women who pursue plumbing and become good at the job.