Need to Install a Replacement Window? Here's How

There are many reasons why homeowners might need a replacement window, and one of them has to do with their utility bills as their heating or cooling air might be escaping. The Youtube video "How to Install a Replacement Window" shows how someone can do it themselves. Let's find out more! The fact is, energy wasn't that expensive years ago, so the standard, single-pane windows were fine for most houses.

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Nowadays, people need to ensure that their heating and cooling air is not escaping through faulty windows because energy prices are increasing so much. Some people installed storm windows, which were also supposed to help with energy costs. However, many homeowners never even noticed a difference. So, what you want is a state-of-the-art double-hung window, which is known for being energy-efficient, pretty, and easy to clean. Additionally, installing it is not really that tricky. You'll have to remove the original window from the inside, but the frame has to be removed from the outside. Normally, that can be done easily by taking out the screws on the frame. You can watch the rest of the video for the full details of installing a replacement window.