A Beginners Guide to Window Tinting Car Windows

If you've ever wondered how window tinting works, you should keep reading. The Youtube video "How Car Windows Are Tinted" shows exactly what happens to a car during this process. Let's find out more! Vehicle owners like to tint their windows for many reasons.

Video Source

Some of them do it for privacy, while others might choose it to protect their cars from the sun. Many people believe tinted windows are much cooler too, so styling is another reason. Some owners can do window tinting installation at home, but most people send their cars to professionals. The first step for window tinting is to cut the film to the size of the car, but it's not a precise cut in the beginning. They do this by adding soapy water to the window and placing some film on top. This makes it stick a bit to the window, so the expert can start measuring and planning. The expert positions the film as needed, and leaves it about an inch below the windowsill. That part will be tucked in during the installation. Once they have a rough idea of the placement, they start cutting more precisely with a stainless-steel blade. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about window tinting.