Guide to the Two Stage Dental Implant Procedure for an Implant Dentist

Every expert around the world often needs to brush up on their skills, and an implant dentist is no different. The Youtube video "Dental Implant Procedure - Two Stage" shows how this process works, so dental professionals around the world can see if they want to adopt this method. Let's find out more! Once the tooth is removed from an area, an implant dentist can begin the two-stage procedure. First, they need to pull up the flap to expose the patient's bone.

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Afterward, they drill the bone to get it ready for the implant fixture. Once that's in place, it has to be covered with a cover screw. Then, the flap is placed back over this and sown so it can heal properly. After some healing time, the flap is cut once again so they can remove the cover screw and put in a healing cap. The flap tissues are placed around the healing cap, and they need some time to heal as well. Once it's healed, the crown base and the crown implant can be added to the dental fixture. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about what an implant dentist does during this procedure.