How Roofers Install Roof Shingles

If you're wondering how to install an asphaltic composition shingle roof, look no further. The Youtube video "How to Install Roof Shingles" shows exactly what you need to do so you can decide if you can do it yourself or if you'll need to hire roofers. Let's find out more! You're going to start with the drip edge installation.

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Once the wooden parts of the structure are in place, you need to begin placing the drip edge material on the eve on the far side. You'll be working alongside the edge, towards the corner, and going up the structure of the roof. You must use a nail shooter every 12 to 16 inches to set the drip edge correctly. You'll also need to cut the bottom part of the drip edge, so it can scissor over the edge of the roof. It gives it a bit of flexibility without having to use another new piece. You must install the drip edge before the felt to prevent water from getting behind that part. It's also important to know that the nails should never go through the front flange. Once that's done, you can install felt, and you should begin from the eve and go up. It also goes on top of the drip edge because the idea is that water will roll down over it and not soak through. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about roofers.