What is the Job of a Probate Attorney?

According to an RMO video, a probate attorney is an attorney that within the laws of your state, assists with the distribution of assets when a loved one has passed. Grief makes it difficult sometimes to carry out the last wishes of a loved one or the tasks the law requires, such as paying off debt. A probate attorney takes some of this off your shoulders by guiding you through the process.

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Your probate attorney will oversee the division of any assets to ensure they go to the ones who inherited them. This includes personal property such as jewelry or art. They also, according to the laws of your state, distribute any financial assets or actual property like a house or condo. Additionally, a probate attorney will advise you on what needs to be paid from the estate first. This could include credit debt, bills, or taxes. Another area where a probate attorney is of great assistance is working through any life insurance. He will work within the probate court, being sure everything is done legally and adequately by law while allowing you to avoid stress during a sorrowful and challenging time.