How Does Geotextile Fabric Work?

If you've ever wondered why some construction sites use Geotextile, you should keep reading. The Youtube video "How Geotextile Fabric Works (Practical Application)" shows the entire process and the benefits it provides so you can decide if it's the right material for your project. Let's find out more!

In the video, they just demolished an old pool, and you can see that the soil is still too soft and wet, so they're going to roll the Geotextile to fix that problem. Sometimes, the ground is too slippery, making it impossible for construction machines such as the excavator in the video to work properly in order to finish the project.

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It's also not ideal to have the ground sink because of the weight. Therefore, they add the fabric which stabilizes the ground a bit.

They roll out some of the Geotextile fabric and cover it with dry soil. They can add several layers of fabric and dry soil to steady that part of the land and compact it to form a solid base. After laying two layers, the excavator could easily navigate without the risk of sinking.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about geotextile.