A Quick Guide to CPA Services

If you want to know the difference between CPA services and other kinds of accounting services, keep reading. The Youtube video "What are CPA Services? How is this Different from Bookkeeping, Tax Prep, and Accounting Services?" has the best explanation so you can understand who to hire. Let's find out more!

A Certified Public Accountant can offer clients all kinds of services, and you would only need to hire one person. Other people might be able to do some bookkeeping, but a company would have to hire someone else for other things.

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With CPA services, you get all the knowledge and skills in one person. However, becoming a CPA is incredibly hard.

These professionals must pass the hardest test in the world, and they need to have advanced education such as master's degrees or PhDs. They also need several years of experience before they can get certified.

Their services can be separated into two categories: those that only CPAs can provide, and those that they are best at providing. Among their accounting services, they provide compilations, reviews, financial statements, and certain types of tax information.

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