An Inside Look at a Precast Concrete Service Plant

If you've ever wondered how a precast concrete service operates, look no further. The Youtube video "Behind The Scenes Of A Precast Concrete Plant In Indiana - Minnick Services" shows what happens in these service plants and what you should know about this industry. Let's find out more!

Precast concrete plants usually make all kinds of pole bases but also Redi-rock retaining walls as well as underground structures like manholes, catch basins, and more. A regular plant in America might have around 200 bays measuring 200 feet long where its manufacturing takes place.

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They also have cranes with different capabilities. Some can carry 30 tons.

Usually, they run the aggregates underground towards a two-yard mixer. They also make vaults between 45,000 and 50,000 pounds each. All their products have to be made according to NCPA specifications and later approved by INDOT, and they ship to areas within a 100-mile radius of the factory.

Their crews are divided into different tasks such as hauling the castings out, organizing the yard, and loading trucks. Normally, they send out around eight to ten trucks every day.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about a precast concrete service.