The Best Way to Utilize Self Serve Car Washes

You may have come across manual self-serve car washes in your city. They operate like auto car washes, except they have tools to help make washing easier. This video will teach you how to clean your car and prevent rust buildup.

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This should help you avoid auto car washes that use corrosive chemicals. You'll first need to pick a relatively new place when looking for a manual self-serve car wash. Such a place is more likely to have better equipment, guaranteeing a perfect job. Once you're on the spot, use the control panel to configure settings for the wash, like pressure amount and quantity of soap. Then, commence the wash. First, start with high-pressure soap to remove the heaviest dirt and debris. Then, move on to the animal hair foam brush to remove the streaks of dirt that the high-pressure soap left. Finally, use the high-pressure rinse to remove the soap and any grease remaining in the car. All the while, work in small sections and ensure you use an overlapping spray pattern. Ultimately, you'll protect your car's surface while giving it a wash that'll leave it sparkling clean. Self-serve car washes are the way to go. But you must do it right!.