Should I Give My Pet a Dog Vaccine?

Dog vaccines are vital in protecting the dog from danger and fatal diseases. While the law requires that all dogs should be vaccinated to prevent getting rabies, other vaccinations will protect your dog from catching a disease.

In this blog, you will learn more about a dog vaccine and its importance.

Understanding a Dog Vaccine and Its Importance

Vaccines are a big help in preparing a dog's immune system to defend itself from disease-causing organisms. The vaccines come with antigens that mimic the disease-causing organisms in the immune system of dogs.

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However, it won't cause disease.

The purpose of a dog vaccine is to stimulate the immune system and have it recognize the present antigens. If your dog is exposed to the disease, its immune system will recognize it easily. It’s going to be ready to fight off or reduce the effects.

Scheduling a Dog Vaccination

Once a puppy reaches adulthood, and the necessary puppy vaccines have been administered, the vet may start implementing the schedule for dog vaccination. It consists of adult boosters done periodically - a combination of the same type of DHPP vaccines administered to the puppies, together with other additions.

Also, when dogs come for their 1st one-year visit, they should get their DHPP booster, Leptospirosis, and Rabies vaccines. They should also get Lyme and Canine Influenza shots if their lifestyle requires these vaccines.