6 Things to Check if Your Ice Maker Isn't Working

The trappings of modern life. Many of the devices used today, like ice makers, add great convenience. Unfortunately, they can also create hassles if they've broken down. If the ice maker isn't working, there are a few steps you can take to figure out exactly what's wrong with it. Once you know what's wrong, you can either fix it or call in a repair technician.

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If after reading this article you still don't know what's wrong, it's probably time to call in a residential or commercial freezer repair expert.

First, homeowners want to check the temperature inside the freezer. If it's too warm, the ice machine may shut off automatically. After that, they should look for the on/off switch to make sure that the ice machine is on. The switch might be a lever inside the machine, or a button outside. Someone may have accidentally flipped the switch, shutting the ice machine off.

After that, owners should check the ice bucket to make sure it's sitting properly. They also need to check to make sure the water filter isn't clogged and that it's being replaced on schedule. The tube that feeds water into the ice maker may also be clogged or frozen shut. If so, it needs to be unclogged.