What is Composite Metal Decking?

The composite metal decking has a sheet of thin steel that is profiled. It is used in forming reinforced concrete floors that come in steel frame construction. The composite metal decking also has that deep or shallow profiles that vary on the end requirement.

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The span and length of the composite metal decking also depend on factors like load and gauge. In this blog, you will learn more about composite metal decking and its importance. What is a Composite Metal Decking? This kind of system is designed to solve a specific problem. Its core benefit is to strengthen the floor system without adding weight. Composite Metal Decking Advantages: Here are the composite metal deck advantages for floor construction you should know and consider before trying. * It’s an easy and very lightweight approach, which reduces the entire weight of the steelwork. * You’re only using less concrete. Therefore waste and weight are lesser. * The number of props or columns is reduced because of the long spans achieved. * The entire project times are reduced because the speed of construction is increased. * There is also greater flexibility for the designers because of compatibility with hard designs and free layouts. * The composite floor may now offer up to 4 hours of fire performance. * Stockpiling storage requirements would also be minimal on-site. * Composite metal decking provides a safe working platform to cover follow-on trades. .