DIY Floor Install for Laminate Flooring

The primary tools you need to install laminate flooring are a laminate cutter, jam saw, carpenter's square, utility knife, hammer, floor installation kit, level, tape measure, pencil, clamps, screw, and glue. You'll see how to use these tools Ito do your laminate floor install in this video. Ensure you check for bumps and dips before installing your laminate flooring. If any exist, you may need to remove them using the hammer and chisel.

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This allows your installation to go smoothly.

Also, check that there are no loose boards or planks in your flooring. If you do find a board that's loose, use wood glue and let it dry overnight before continuing on with your project. Lay a moisture barrier on your plywood subfloor too, as this will help to prevent rot from forming in the flooring.

Once you've finished nailing down your first row of flooring and have nailed together about half of the remaining rows, allow time for this process to dry before gluing them down. You can do this yourself, but if you're not experienced with laminate flooring then it's best to let an expert do the work for you.