The Best Way to Start Your Own Landscaping Business

Starting a landscaping company requires relatively little capital and can comfortably grow as clients are added. This video shows how to start a successful landscaping business from scratch, and how to get over some of the mental hurdles in the way.

The presenter shares the advice he received from a multi-millionaire who said, "Buy a shovel, and start knocking on doors." He talks about wanting to leave his landscaping job where he was making only $12 an hour and wasn't feeling any fulfillment.

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He was worried about taking the risk of starting something of his own, but realized that staying at his job and not advancing was an even bigger risk.

The presenter lost all his will and energy for his old job and got fired. Once his pride and fear were gone, he took the advice he had gotten and started small. He pulled weeds for people and worked out of his wife's car trunk to bag up weeds and clean up properties. Eventually, he grew the business to a six-figure enterprise. For those looking to start any kind of business, this video provides good motivation to take the leap.