What Septic Companies Avoid When Sucking Out Your Tank

When there is a clog in your septic tank and it is no longer working properly, septic companies are the ones to call. They can get into the septic tank and pump out what's inside so that the tank is empty and the clog is gone. It's a good idea to regularly use a septic company to pump out the tank and keep it running well.

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The first step is then to dig down the lid of the septic tank with shovels. Once you have exposed the lid, it can take a crew to raise it. There are generally two lids to the system, and both may need to be opened. Then, the hose is lowered in through the hole and into the solid material that is in the tank. The hose is then used to empty the tank of anything that's in there. First, the water on top is sucked away with the hose. Then, the sludge that is left in the bottom is removed. The first tank is the one where solids are often found. However, there should be no sludge or solids in the second tank. When that is present, septic companies don't want to see that.