Tips and Tricks for Any Exterior House Painter

Looking to repaint your house or perhaps considering a career as an exterior house painter? We've got some must-know tips for you to check out. First, you'll want to examine any surface to be painted. Different surfaces have different properties and thus present different challenges.

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With stucco, for example, you're probably going to have to deal with cracks. It's best to fill those cracks in with masonry caulking that offers a matching texture. You can use a caulking gun to make your job easier. Stucco can be pretty tricky to paint, and you'll probably have to use a variety of different angles. Painting flat surfaces, on the other hand, is often quite a bit easier. With stucco walls, you should also be prepared to paint and repaint surfaces as needed. Often, stucco will require a few more passes compared to flat paint. This all brings up another important point, you'll want to consider how long each job will take. Make sure to budget your time as needed. A stucco paint job may take longer. The same is true for corners. If a house has a lot of corners, that could impact how long it'll take you to finish the job.