Need to Install a Rain Gutter Heres How

Having a gutter on your home is very important for keeping water from causing damage to your home. When rain falls down the roof without a gutter, it falls on the ground and splashes back to the home. This can damage the siding as well as make it dirty.

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When you want gutters, you first need to measure the area where they will go. Then, you can order your gutter that is the exact size you need. It is then delivered on a truck. Once you have your gutter, you need to put end caps on each side of it. Use caulk to keep the end caps in place and to seal each end so that it's watertight. Many people position their gutters too high on the house. This can make it vulnerable to ice sliding down and knocking off the gutter. It should be low enough so that ice wouldn't hit it, but rain will flow into it. Mark the place that the gutter will occupy on the house. Brackets are used to hold the gutter up. One bracket goes right on the site of each rafter. The gutter is attached to the brackets with screws to keep it in place.