Performing Your Own Roof Install

Roof repairs are tricky and different from garage and indoor repairs, as you must climb up onto your roof and do all the work yourself. Although may be easier to call a trusty roofer and let them do all the hard work, a roof install does not have to be complicated if you have the skills and experience.

Well-made roofing requires numerous tools and quality materials. Check to ensure that your air compressor runs well and that you have a trusty extension ladder, as you will spend a considerable amount of time on top of it.

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Remember to follow the safety guidelines and use protective gloves and glasses before starting. You will need a permit to renovate or install your roof, so be sure to follow the legal paperwork. Start your roof installation by applying waterproof underlayment. This layer will prove handy against heavy rain or snow.

Be wary when installing the shingles, as you have to do each row and fill every space. Don't forget to use plenty of adhesives and secure each shingle properly. Diligence during this step will prevent leaking into your house, and subsequently having to pay hundreds in water damage repair. With these steps, you can start your roof installation without any issues.