How Independent Insurance Agencies Operate

Independent insurance agencies are a gateway to acquiring a business, home, or auto insurance, as seen in this video. Some insurance agents work independently, selling products from different insurance carriers. They may apply and get approval to sell an organization's insurance or undergo company-specific training.

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Often, the agent should demonstrate they are competent in sales and have a favorable channel of customers. Some independent insurance agencies work with insurance wholesalers or membership networks, offering administrative support and carrier access. Independent agents take clients through different insurance companies when they request a quote. The ideal agent compares pricing and coverage options, allowing clients to understand the pros and cons and choose the best pricing that fits their budget. Independent insurance agencies can also access carriers online that average shoppers cannot access. When clients buy a policy, the independent insurance agencies receive a commission from the insurer. Agent commissions are usually comparable regardless of the insurance firm a client picks. To become an independent insurance agent, one must study and complete course hours defined by their state. They should also pass one or multiple exams, based on the type of coverage they will be selling. A practicing license allows agencies to sell different insurance policies in various states. Newly licensed agents work for established firms to gain experience before starting their independent practice.