How to Fix Cracks in Your Car's Plastic Bumper

Repairing a bump or a crack on a plastic bumper is not that tricky, but experts absolutely make it look easy. The Youtube video "Proper Repair of Crack or Tear on Plastic Bumper Products" shows exactly how plastic bumper repairs are done, so you can understand the work that goes into it. Let's find out more!

As with any other repairs, workers have to use the proper protective equipment including masks, eye covers, gloves, respirators, etc. Before anything can be repaired, the panel has to be cleaned with soap and water and then with a VOC-compliant wax and grease remover.

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Afterward, the repair process can begin.

Firstly, workers need to place aluminum auto body repair tape on the front side of the crack or bump. They'll actually be repairing things through the backside, and the tape will hold everything in place. The worker then must use a sander with P80 grit to rough up the spot and blow off any residue with clean air. Afterward, they must add a light coat of adhesion promoter and let it dry for ten minutes. Then, they have to prep the repair material.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about plastic bumper repairs.