What are Solar Shades?

Solar window shades are getting installed all the time now. The customers who get solar shades aren't necessarily interested in the levels of complete privacy that they would get from more solid curtains. That said, a room that has these window treatments won't receive as much sunlight or heat as it otherwise would.

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Customers can also still get nearly the same views that they would have had without the solar shades, since they're partly transparent. Some shades are more opaque than others, which is partly due to the fabric used to make them. There are shades that don't look especially open, and others that only subtly block out light. People can get small samples of these fabrics before they actually purchase anything. They can place these little fabric squares against their windows, which will help them see how the windows will look once similar solar shades are added. Customers should see how the samples will look on both the inside and outside sections of the house. Relatively clear shades will not be quite as private as other window coverings, and the angle won't matter. Some clients might be more worried about the heat or other factors, so it's important to set priorities.