Preparing Your Yard for Landscape Mulch

Mulch is applied to the surface of the soil to prevent weeds from growing and retaining moisture. The attached video demonstrates how to prepare your lawn for mulch.

Follow the Steps Below to Prepare Your Landscape Mulch

1. Gather the following equipment: rake, half-moon bed edgers, and a flat shovel.

Video Source

2. Remove any pine straw and spray a natural weed killer and remove the weeds.

3. Use the half-moon edger and create a defined boundary around your mulch bed. Ensure the edge is vertical.

4. Use the shovel and shape the area on the inside of the edge, by removing the loose soil. Be sure to create a trough. This keeps the mulch from filling the empty space and obscuring the boundary edge.

5. Using the hard rake, smooth out the entire bed. Remove the soil that was dug out while creating the edge.

The bed should be very smooth, so break up any lumps of soil.

6. Once the bed is smooth and leveled, lay the mulch evenly across the entire area.

A mulch bed looks great and is good for your plants during extreme weather conditions. Use the steps above to prepare a great landscape mulch bed.