A Guide to Installing Your Own Paver Stone Walkways

Paver stone walkways are a great way to dress up your landscaping and make walkways that look attractive and are even to walk on. Pavers are a more upscale look than plain concrete, and they can add some value to your home. First, you need to pick out your materials and decide on a pattern for your walkway.

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You can pick a plainer pattern or a more complicated one like herringbone. Stamped pavers are a type of paver that has the look of natural stone but is actually stamped with its shapes. These can be a lot easier to install than natural stone. Before you start, you also need to know the width of your walkway. Measure everything so that you know how much of your chosen materials you will need for the project. A width of 48" is often chosen because it allows for two people to walk along it. Your walkways will first have a thick layer of gravel, then a thin layer of sand, and then the pavers will fit on top of these. You will need to dig a trench into the ground to make room for all of these layers so that your walkway will be steady.