A Basic Guide to Brake Repair Service

You should know what takes place during a basic brake repair service, so you understand what you're paying for. The Youtube video "The Basics of Disc Brake Service -EricTheCarGuy" shows what a technician looks for. Let's find out more!

During a service, the mechanic doesn't replace the brake pad or anything in the car. The point is to take out the parts currently in use, check them for wear and tear, clean them, lubricate them, and put them back.

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If there's some issue, they'll usually make a recommendation to the client. There are tons of things they might find such as uneven wear on the brake pad.

Sometimes, the pad might look perfect outside, but once you take apart the caliper, you might discover that the inside of the brake pad is completely worn. In that case, it'll need replacement. Additionally, if this is happening, there could be something wrong with the caliper itself and that might require a more thorough inspection than usual service. Sometimes, the caliper doesn't move the way it's supposed to, causing this issue.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about a brake repair service.