Questions to Ask Your Corporate Event Catering Service

Providing meals for a business or organization is known as corporate catering. It could be for seminars, corporate functions, and client lunches. The attached video guides you on what to ask a corporate event catering service provider. Specialty All chefs and caterers have one specialty that they are known for.

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This is useful especially when you have a certain theme for your function. Also, ask for their recommendations based on your budget and event. Event Size Another important question is how many people can the caterer provide for? Can they handle big events? Also, determine if it'll be a plated affair or a buffet. Service Staff and Resources Will the corporate event catering service have a service staff that will be there to assist in these events? Will there be bartenders? Or will you need to hire service staff separately? Will they provide plates and cutlery? Cost Find out how they charge. Whether it's per head or a flat rate. Also, ask if there are costs, such as delivery fees and other charges. Before hiring a corporate event catering service provider, make a list of necessary questions, check online for reviews, and ask for references.