Base Prep for Flag Stone Patio Installations

Adding a flagstone patio to your yard gives your home a natural, distinctive, and stylish vibe. Although this project requires some effort and heavy lifting, you'll be so glad you improved your yard once it's done. Be sure to watch the video below on how to prepare your base before you start your project. So, what are some fundamental basic preparations for installing paving stones in a typical home? Ideally, the paving name installation should consist of a compacted subgrade, road base, bending sand, and paver. The subgrade must be lovely clay soil free of organic materials that could rot and sink, compacted to provide a firm surface.

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The compaction should be equivalent to a conventional three-quarter-inch road foundation. Lay out the heights first, then dig down to the depth needed to measure the requisite height of the road base. Scrap it all off, then add a light lift to compact the subgrade. Typically, you should do a minimum of three passes in various directions to ensure each layer is tightly packed. Before you reach the ultimate screen height, add one more lift and polish everything up. You may screen using different methods, such as a level or a straightedge. After getting a beautiful smooth surface, you can put your bars on top and start working on the paving stones. If you follow this guide, you can rest assured your flag stone patio installations will be top-notch.