What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy may sound like something out of a science fiction movie or novel. And indeed, this treatment method does use some advanced science and tools. Cryotherapy involves using sub-freezing temperatures to treat a variety of conditions.

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For many years now, cryotherapy has been used to treat skin conditions, like warts. Often, small amounts of freezing liquids, like liquid nitrogen, were applied directly to the skin. Now, it's possible to use cryotherapy for body-wide treatments.

The treatment method is becoming very popular in Hollywood and may help reduce cellulite while tightening up skin and opening pores. This treatment may also boost your metabolism, burning calories and stimulating various muscles and organs.

The full body cryotherapy chambers typically use dry air rather than a freezing liquid. Your body will stay dry throughout the treatment session and your head isn't exposed. Most people don't find cryotherapy painful, but it does produce a tingling sensation that many may find strange at first.

This treatment method ranks among the newer health and beauty treatment methods. That said, early results are promising and many regular users rave about its potential. Is cryotherapy right for you? You should contact a local cryotherapy treatment center to find out.