How Metal Roofers Install Metals Roofs

Installing a metal roof is easier than it may seem. But getting the job done right will take some time and effort. The video included in this post is detailed enough to help metal roofers build the roof in a step-by-step manner. Below are just a few steps you will hear in the video.

Video Source

1. Get the underlayment installed to help the rest of the roof go on correctly. 2. Make sure the panels are the correct size, so seams are not an issue. 3. Install trim edges to fit. 4. Nail down eave trim with one-inch nails made for roofing. 5. Have a reference line snapped in place, so the panels go on correctly and evenly. 6. Place the panels where they are to be installed and fashion the weather screws into place. 7. Make sure the panels are overlapped and fit tight enough to prevent water from getting through. 8. Cover the rake edge with tape and secure it with screws. 9. Get the ridge cap installed and secured.