Tips for Calculating Restaurant Costs

In a video by Paul Bolles Beaven, he explains restaurant start-up costs and how crucial they are. He says you must be very detailed . Everything in a restaurant is important, but you need to decide the most important needs first.

Video Source

Consider construction costs since the restaurant needs to exist, of course. These costs may be somewhat lower if you are opening in an already-built space. You'll also need to examine costs for plumbing, engineering, and ventilation. Other costs include hiring staff. Hire senior staff and managers first. Then, later, closer to opening, hire hourly staff. Leave time for staff training and associated costs also. Equipment for the kitchen and dining room, as well as dinnerwear, utensils, and so on, need added to the start-up costs also. Just buy the equipment, furniture, and supplies to start up. More can be added later as needed. Have a cash plan in place to cover unexpected surprises. For example, a stove arrives broken. You need the stove to open, so buy another so you can still open. Taking time to iron out detailed start-up restaurant costs makes the opening night better and will bring pleased customers back afterward.