Tips for DIY Chimney Care

In this video, Aaron Massey teaches how to accomplish chimney care yourself on "Home School'd" As winter comes we use our fireplaces for heat or the holidays Aaron explains the main material in a chimney after use is creosote. It is very flammable. He further states that chimney fires cause 125 million a year in damages in house fires.

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Removing this creosote is absolutely a crucial part of chimney care. He suggests covering the fireplace with plastic to keep soot from going out on the floor during cleaning. Tape the hose of a shop vac through the plastic if you have one Next, climb up to your roof safely. You may need a small step stool to be tall enough to see inside the chimney. Use a lowed flashlight or an action camera to see the inside. Put your cleaning brush together and place it in its drill securely. Lower the brush and turn it on to clean the creosote out completely. Let everything settle 30 minutes after leaving the roof. Remove any ash from the fireplace with the shop vac or through a small door in the fireplace. Remove the plastic and replace the firegrate.