What Does a Paving Company Do?

A paving company does more than just lay down asphalt for roads and residential areas. The Youtube video "How an Asphalt Paver Works and Keys to a Successful Commercial Paving Project" shows how this business handles operations and how to complete its work efficiently. Let's find out more!

At the start of the day, a paving crew has to meet up and talk about their work where they'll discuss all the issues excepted on their shift and complete a pre-paving checklist. This involves heating the screed, centering tow points, setting paving width, setting the main screed crown, setting slope extensions, lowering the screed into the starting position, nulling the screed, setting the end gates, setting the auger height to two inches above what you want to place, setting the feed sensors, and more.

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Workers also have to fill the auger chamber and drive from the starting point. Additionally, before they can start laying asphalt, they have to check which bond layers of asphalt together have to be placed. They should also have swept and blown the surface before starting the operation.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about a paving company.