Choosing the Right Hurricane Window Companies

If you leave in an area prone to hurricanes, you have to ensure that your windows can withstand whatever comes. The Youtube video "How to Choose Hurricane Window Protection - Ask This Old House" has the best advice on choosing the right hurricane window companies and what models to get. Let's find out more!

With a hurricane, you have to worry about three things: a storm surge where the water level rises and gets into the home, the wind, and the rain. One option is to place the house on stilts, which many homeowners don't want to do to prevent the first issue.

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However, they do have to worry about other problems.

Hurricane winds can pick up any object off the ground and throw it toward your home, so you have to make sure that your windows are strong enough to withstand that force. If so, they'll probably be able to handle the pouring rain as well.

In the video, the host takes you to a window testing facility where hurricane window companies can test how their models hold up when a 2x4 piece of wood goes flying toward them at 34 miles an hour.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about choosing hurricane window companies.