Which States Have the Best Pizzas?

We all love a good slice of pizza, but have you ever wondered what state has the best pizza? Here you'll know the answer. Pizza is arguably one of America's favorite dishes, as everyone loves to eat it. Moreover, numerous states across America have unique pizza recipes and techniques to deliver the best pizzas for their hungry clients.

The U.S has over 78.000 pizzerias, and each one offers something new to the table.

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Finding the best pizza isn't easy, but we can start by naming states with good pizza reputations. Our first stop is Detroit, as their famous pizza has drawn clients from all over. Think about an extra-large, extra-crispy pizza with unique and delicious toppings made by real pizza artists. Detroit not only brings the best of Italian cuisine, but they improve their pizzas with their homemade recipes and jaw-dropping toppings. However, Ohio is the state that has the best pizzerias in America, thanks to cities such as Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati.

No matter what state we are from, we all love pizza equally. Moreover, we now know where to find the best pizzas in America.