A Guide to Slab Leak Repair Service

A slab leak can be a huge problem, but the truth is that it's normally the original plumber's fault. The Youtube video "Fixing Under Slab Water Leak - Real Plumbing Service Call" explains how this issue is fixed and what you should understand about it. Let's find out more!

A slab leak repair service will follow certain steps to determine where the leak comes from and what to do later. First, they conducted a sewer water test, where it was determined that the house was losing water pressure.

Video Source

The next step was to isolate parts of the plumbing. They started by isolating the yard line and the house. They can shut the valve if it's outside the house directly. Afterward, they located the leak. Once an expert has determined the spot, a dig crew came in and started excavating.

Hiring a trustworthy digging crew is vital because they'll know how the slab leak repair service likes to work and they can tunnel toward the right spot perfectly. In the video, they found a tricky situation. There was copper going through a beam, and it was not sleeved. The service has to decide what to do about it, and in this case, they didn't want to mess with the foundation.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about hiring a slab leak repair service.