The Behind-the-Scenes of a Commercial Landscaping Company

Alex Kirby shares a behind-the-scenes view of his commercial landscaping company "Trifecta Landscaping" in this video of a shift ending. Alex has just moved into a new office and is still setting up the new home of his commercial landscaping company. He walks us through the rooms, offering a brief description of each area, and explains plans for a new TV to train new employees.

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From there, he heads out to the lot where employees come back at the day's close. First, he introduces us to the kinds of equipment he uses in this commercial landscaping business, for instance, the type of trucks, lawn equipment, and miscellaneous things required for this line of work. Next, Alex walks around building relationships with employees who obviously feel like part of a cohesive work family. It is obvious Alex enjoys interacting with his employees, plus he shares some values and tips that help you keep ahead when running a commercial landscaping company. For example, Alex says he refuses to go into debt, preferring to buy new equipment with cash so that he can stay focused on improving the business and not worry about who needs aid.