A Guide to Harvesting and Rainwater Management

Tons of people harvest rainwater for several purposes, but they make a few mistakes in the process. The Youtube video "Top 7 Mistakes to Avoid when Harvesting Rainwater" has all you should know about proper rainwater management. Let's find out more!

Water is the most vital resource for a home and a garden, so it's great to harvest and maintain it so you can have excess water during the dry seasons. However, there are several mistakes people make.

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Firstly, they think it's expensive because they search for complicated systems online. It doesn't have to be pricey at all. The host in the video didn't have much money to spend, so he bought three old hot tubs, set them up in his garden, and started collecting water that way.

The second mistake people make is letting mosquitoes into the water. That could ruin everything and create even bigger issues for your home. An open barrel of water is a perfect breeding place for them, so the solution is to get mosquito fish for your tubs. It's a kind of fish from Florida that eats mosquito larvae.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about rainwater management.