How Professional Roofers Install Shingles

If you've ever wondered how professional roofers install shingles, you should keep reading. The Youtube video "How to Install Roof Shingles" shows what happened during a special installation class, so you can understand the process better. Let's find out more!

The first step you want to take is installing the drip edge, which is a requirement in many states now. In the class, they began doing so by the eve on the far side, and they went up the roof towards the highest point.

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There's a special way you can cut part of the drip edge bottom so that it bends properly. This way, you won't have to grab another piece of the material and try to attach it to another to continue the installation. You just have to remember that the drip edge has to be placed before the felt to prevent water from getting behind it.

Afterward, you'll be installing the felt, which also has to begin from the eve of the roof, and it should go over the drip edge. You should roll it out and use plastic caps to pin it down as needed.

You can watch the rest of the video to see how professional roofers finished a simple shingled structure.