Here's How to Make an Iron Window

If you don't want to buy an iron window due to the exorbitant prices at stores, you should keep reading because it's not a tough process. The Youtube video "How to Make A Metal Window" shows exactly how you can make one at home that doesn't break the bank. Let's find out more!

An iron window is a great option if you don't want to have a glass window. All you need to do is find the right metal pieces, cut them in the correct length, and weld them accordingly.

Video Source

In the video, you see the worker creating and welding the grill of the window first. That's for safety purposes. Afterward, they start adding metal rods across as if it was a cage. Then, they add a few more rods perpendicularly to the surface to reinforce the grill.

Afterward, they'll create the window frame. Once that's cut and properly measured, they can add the aluminum panels, weld them properly, and place the grill on top. Later, they'll add the window to the house, and it'll be ready for use.

You can watch the rest of the video for the full details of creating an iron window.