Beginner Tips for Axe Throwing

Numerous unusual sports have been stealing the spotlight these past years. One of these sports is axe throwing, which consists of throwing axes at a target. Axe throwing has gained relevance, even gaining a spot on ESPN.

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Let's learn why this sport is so immersive and the best beginner's tips.

The first step you should know about axe throwing is the equipment. Not every axe works for axe throwing, as you need the sharpest axe you can find. Remember that a sharp axe will work much better than a regular axe, as you need the axe to stick to the target without applying too much force. Another critical part of axe throwing is the target. You'll want a unique target made of resistant wood, as it has to "catch" the axe without bouncing. Lastly, learn the safety guidelines of axe throwing. Remember you're using a sharp, deadly tool that can harm anyone, including yourself. Make the required axe-throwing stand, and don't have anyone behind or near the target.

With these tips, you can start your axe-throwing training. In a short time, you'll be throwing axes like a professional.