The Process of Collision Repairs

Have you ever wondered how collision repairs are done? It's amazing how an almost-destroyed car can look brand new. The Youtube video "How Wrecked Cars Are Repaired" shows the entire process in detail, so you can understand how they salvage vehicles. Let's find out more!

Each year, millions of car crashes occur in the United States alone, and since it's so common, collision repairs have only gotten better with time. There's always demand for it, so it's an industry you need to consider for your future.

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There are several techniques used by repair shops to restore vehicles to their original beauty, and it just takes skill, hard work, and patience.

Some of the most common tools they use at collision repair shops are flatliners, frame machines, and Bondo. Normally, the frame machine fixes structural damage, which is why more complicated than patching up a bump or a scratch.

Firstly, the car has to be set up correctly on the frame machine, and they use a computer to figure that out precisely. It indicates where the mounting clamps should go by using the information available from manufacturers to complete the process. You can watch the rest of the video for more details about collision repairs.