A Guide to Generator Installation

Nowadays, many homeowners want to install a generator for different electric needs. Luckily, the Youtube video "How to Install a Manual Transfer Switch for a Portable Generator - Ask This Old House" has the best advice on how to set it up and how to place a transfer switch to use it anywhere. Let's find out more!

Areas with tons of wind and snow might experience power outages often, and that's not ideal, which is why homeowners are currently investing in generator installation. However, some aspects of it might be confusing, and you should know how easy it is to set up a manual transfer switch for a portable generator, which is what most people buy in these cases.

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You should first know that you can't run a combustion engine in any enclosed space such as the garage. You can keep it stored there when it's not in use, but make sure to roll it somewhere open when you're planning to start it. One of the great aspects of the model shown in the video is that with one wire, you can power your entire house using the same kind of voltages that a regular electric company does.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about generator installation.