How Sunroom Contractors Build Sunrooms

Many homeowners dream about having a sunroom, but they don't know if the sunroom contractors they hired are doing things correctly. The Youtube video "How to Build a Sunroom" shows exactly how this structure is set up in a home so that you can check that your workers are doing a great job. Let's find out more!

First, you need to understand that normally, you don't turn one of the spaces of your home into a sunroom. These structures are additions to your current house, and sunroom contractors start by measuring the area.

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They can set up wooden poles to mark the perimeter and start placing wood panels around them. It's like creating a deck at first.

The sunroom contractors will create the base of the deck, nail down everything safely as shown in the video, and place the top panel. Once they've secured that foundation, they'll start building the walls. Remember that a sunroom doesn't have to be constructed as detailed as the rest of your house. Also, it consists of mostly windows as it's a space that will take advantage of natural light.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about the work of sunroom contractors.