What are Juvederm Filler Services?

Beauty treatments are all the rage right now, and Juvederm filler services might be the right procedure for you. The Youtube video "Juvederm // Juvederm Before and After" shows a doctor talking about the process, how it can change your face, and why you should get it. Let's find out more!

You might not have heard the word "Juvederm" before, but you might have heard about hyaluronic acid fillers. That's exactly it, and you should know more about this product to understand its benefits.

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One of the main questions patients ask about Juvederm is how long does it last? Another common question is how much does it cost?

The answer to the second question is that the longer it lasts, the cheaper it is. However, if you don't like the results, that's not really ideal. Some Juvederm products can last two years. Others can go for five years. Hyaluronic acid normally breaks down over time. It's a little different than the one present naturally in your body, but it'll still wear off eventually. Most of the products have a one-year duration, as indicated by the FDA but that's an estimate.

You can watch the rest of the video for more details about Juvederm filler services.