How to Work in Local Masonry

Masonry is a skilled trade that can take people all around the world. If a person wants to be a mason, they have to know how to work in local masonry. The video above explains the basic steps of bricklaying.

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Many people are interested in working in local masonry because it offers a unique set of skills and talents, as well as the opportunity to practice those skills on a daily basis. Local masons are in charge of building everything from simple foundations to high-rise residential apartments, commercial buildings, and churches. To work in local masonry, a person is expected to have some experience. They must be at least 21 years old and have prior apprenticeship experience. Although education is not required, many employers prefer it. On top of that, the person needs to possess certain skill sets. Advanced techniques like laying bricks with mortar joints or installing stone veneers are in high demand for this role. Most people start by asking around for referrals. Some approach local businesses for work. Masonry is a craft, and each person has their own style. However, it's important to find out what the customer needs before proceeding.