How to Be an Exterior House Painter

There is more to painting a house than meets the eye. There are a few things that you need to do before the actual painting. The attached video shows the steps involved in painting a house and how to be an exterior house painter. To paint the exterior of your house, the first step is to clean your house using the pressure washing process.

Video Source

Clean the entire exterior but avoid getting close to the siding as it could get damaged due to the pressure. Use a ladder for the upper areas. The next step is caulking. This is part of the prepping process. Caulk the nail heads, gaps, and cracks to keep bugs out. Caulk around the entryway, windows, doors, and pipes. The next part is sanding the door jambs using a Paint Eater. This is to remove old paint and smoothen rough patches. Priming is then done on wooden surfaces. This helps the paint last longer and look better. To prevent over-spray and paint dripping on specific areas, masking is done with paper, plastic, and tape. The final step is painting using an airless sprayer. The above steps will guide you to becoming a successful exterior house painter.