What to Look For as an AC Repair Company

Air conditioners must be maintained regularly to avoid high repair costs. If you own an AC repair company, the attached video shows what to look out for. In the AC, there is a condenser unit that can get filled with debris.

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Fuzz tends to build up on the coils. This can restrict the airflow, thus forcing the unit to consume more power. Chemical cleaners usually damage the coils. It is better to use a spray hose to clear out all the built-up dirt. Use the spray hose at a downward angle, to avoid the dirt from getting sprayed inside the unit. When used at a downward angle, it will help direct the debris toward the bottom and out. Spraying down on the fins will also help to direct the grime downwards rather than into the unit. A good clean will reveal cleaner coils. You may notice leaves and other rubbish on the bottom of the unit. To get rid of them, the AC repair company will need to remove the cover and clear out the dirt. The AC repair company should check the coils first and clean them out to improve the efficiency of the AC unit.